All you need is a web browser

Wherever you are, with Chrome, Firefox or Safari, always access safely

Requirements for online version

To use the online management software, it is sufficient that there is an internet connection and that on the PC you use there is a web browser updated to the latest version.
Compatible browsers and operating systems:

  • Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari (we do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Edge)

If you don’t have installation permissions, contact your system administrator or IT support.

Local version requirements

Local installation of TotalGest requires:

  • Windows or Linux platform
  • Maria db 10.4
  • Apache web server (SourceGuardian Loader extension)
  • PHP 7+ (TotalGest v.3.1+)
  • Minimum 2GB RAM memory

In local installations, a backup system must also be set up to ensure data recovery in the event of a problem.

Web browser and OS

TotalGest is compatible with updated versions of the major web browsers with both Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

  • We recommend using Google Chrome
  • We do not recommend the use of Internet Explorer and Edge given the lack of compliance with the HTML5 and CSS3 standards by the Microsoft browser, and we do not guarantee their support
  • The TotalPOS cash register software is developed in .NET and this requires installation in a Windows environment.