Initial premise.
Changing the header can be done independently by each user: the manual explains how.

Changes with support
The header is set up, created and modified at the activation of each license.
Subsequent changes, e.g. change of address, that are made with our support are billed at direction.

Why this form
This form allows us to have your requests sorted, tracked, and with the correct information so that we can best execute the changes.
This way your specific requests are sent to the support people who are directly affected and who can execute what you request.

Substitute XXX for the name of your license.
Should you have multiple active principals, we need to know for which one you need the changes.
Submission of this form, with a request to make changes to the header, is binding with regard to subsequent billing.
When the changes are complete, you will receive a confirmation to the email address given in this form.
For further questions, you may use our usual support channels.